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“Y Yoga Movie” Honored in Mexico
@Satsang Film Festival ~ Jan. 20, 2012 ~ San Miguel de Allende

Y Yoga Movie Satsang Film Festival Blog Gfx-2On January 20th 2012 from 5-7:00 pm “Y Yoga Movie” will have its Mexican Premier at the Satsang Film Festival in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Peaceful Warrior Trailer

Can’t Make the Screening, Want to Share YYM with someone you care about or just want to have the inspiration around you for another ride on the carousel, Order your own copy of Y Yoga Movie DVD or Download click on box cover of choice!

For Festival schedule, location or other information click link:
Biblioteca, Insurgentes #25 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Click Here to request information or to schedule a future event in your community or in some peaceful or exotic spot on our beautiful planet with Pursuit of Happiness YOGA Power Peace & Play events:”>

Thank you Cindy, Ravi and San Miguel de Allende for finding “Y Yoga Movie” checking it out and then inviting its energy into the most perfect Festival of Love Light and Peace. I will be there in spirit wishing all of you a wonderful film festival ~ namasté

PS If anyone at the festival wants to skype that evening after the film skype me at YYM.Merlin

Y Yoga Movie DVD release July 4th, 2008

Y Yoga movie: peaceful warrior trailer

Y Yoga Movie DVD box art available at

Y Yoga Movie DVD box art (available at

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